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Thank so much for visiting, "Confident K-9 Education." My name is Kimberly Dillon. I am the owner of Confident K-9 Education and I am also a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. I have trained many different kinds of dogs and their owners in my life long career including: 

  • Show Dogs
  • Shelter Dogs
  • Deaf Dogs
  • Blind Dogs
  • Out of Control 8-Week Puppies and
  • Stubborn 12-Year-Olds in My Life Long Career


My dog training school is dedicated to educating both Dogs and their Owners! My understanding of dog behavior and my ability to use a variety of different dog training techniques provides a superior approach to behavior modification and advanced obedience. The successful raising and training of any dog begins with the owner's ability to use "Dog Psychology." Dog owners who achieve this knowledge and understanding will have greater success with their dogs.  

My method of dog training is simple; I teach you to understand how your dog thinks, learns and communicates by helping you to understand the psychology of your dog. By using your dog's natural instincts, I will teach you to employ positive reinforcement to establish and achieve the right obedience. Your dogs’ loyalty to you is instinctual. By clearly communicating with your dog during the teaching/training/playing process this natural trait will be strengthened.  

Dogs are social creatures. They feel best when they are surrounded by love and happiness. Dogs without the proper guidance are more likely to be insecure, stressed and even confused. These symptoms can lead to behavioral problems for the dog and their owner. If your dog has adopted any type of behavioral problem it is because he or she does not understand what is the acceptable behavior. A dog will look to his or her owner for leadership.

There is no such thing as a "quick fix" in dog training or dog rehabilitation. Some dog behaviors may appear to change relatively soon however, none of these behaviors will completely change unless the owner acts consistently with their dogs training and dogs rehabilitation. This must happen throughout the life of your dog to keep unwanted behaviors from returning.

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